What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is the simple process of dialing into a customer’s number and going straight to voicemail. It’s that easy. Once there, you can leave a voicemail message as if you intended a natural phone call the entire time. Once you’re in their voicemail system, you’re free to leave the pre-scripted marketing message you might have had, or simply to introduce yourself.

This makes it easier for a salesperson to go through their call list, of course. But what are the ironclad benefits of switching from traditional phone dialing to ringless voicemail?

Why Use Ringless Voicemail?

First things first: why bother? Isn’t it good to reach out to someone with a “missed call” instead? Well, not necessarily. Let’s look at some specific benefits to using ringless voicemail that you can put to work right away:

Marketers will save time. Consider, after all, that sales professionals may leave as many as 52 messages per day. That means that in a normal workday, you might leave a voicemail once every ten minutes. If you notice that more and more of your prospective customers are putting you straight through to voicemail anyway, why not cut out the middle step and leave an effective message right off the bat?

A healthy response rate. As we mentioned above, the response rate on these calls is high enough that managers do take action on cold calls and cold emails. You can create a voicemail campaign with ringless voicemail that will generate results—particularly if you have an effective strategy for doing so. Ringless voicemail marketing is effective, bottom line.

Implementing a marketing strategy. Because ringless voicemail is so automated, and because people on their mobile phones tend to let unknown numbers go to voicemail anyway, ringless voicemail is a natural way to bring in a new marketing strategy. It means that you can create a campaign that almost has the speed of a robocall. But rather than rely on automated text messages or waiting for a phone ringing, you’ll actually be giving the people you call the sound of a human voice on the other end. And speaking of that…

Providing the personal touch. Any time you dial a phone number, you’re looking to create an interaction that’s a bit more personal than a text or an email. The sound of a live voice is the next best thing to meeting on Zoom, or in person. And that has an impact on the people you’re selling to. It means that your message in their voicemail inbox or voicemail box will sound that much more immediate. And because they’re listening to your pitch on a personal cell phone sometimes, it can make the message that much more compelling.

Why is it Beneficial?

Why is it a good idea to cut through the idea of a missed call and go straight into voicemail? Why not bother with SMS or web texting? Is it really a good system for a frequent voicemail dialer? And can marketers use it effectively? Well, there are a few reasons you might find it beneficial:

You need a personal touch. SMS is great for engagement, sure. But when you need a personal touch, nothing quite replaces that feeling of having a person on the other end of the voicemail box. That’s that can differentiate your marketing—especially if you work in a B2B industry in which interpersonal connections are paramount.

Avoiding voicemail drops. Rather than worrying about whether the voicemail will cut off, or if you don’t know how to handle it, using a ringless voicemail system will help you go straight to the source. There, you’ll be free to leave your message—hopefully something you have down pat—and then you can get on with your day, confident that you’ve done everything possible to potentially land that lead.

Ringless voicemail is a great way to reach out to someone without setting off any caller ID alarm bells. It means that you can connect with someone using new technology, bringing the best of both worlds: new-school technology with an old-school personal touch.

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