Frequently Asked Questions

    • How does the service work?

      Slybroadcast uses our patented straight to voicemail technology to skip the phone conversation and go directly to voicemail. Recipients will receive a voicemail from the caller ID you enter when sending out your campaign.

    • Where is the slybroadcast service available?

      Slybroadcast is currently available in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

      To send messages to the United States and Canada, please click here.

    • What are the most productive ways to use slybroadcast?

      Some of the most common uses are to notify customers and prospects of a sale or announcement, to re-engage past customers or send reminders, to qualify leads, to connect with donors and to give company updates to many people at once. There are many effective and creative ways that our customers use slybroadcast.

    • How successful can I expect my campaigns to be?

      We’ll send your voicemail to all of the phone numbers you select. If any of the messages can’t be delivered, you’ll be able to see that in your dashboard. You are never charged for undelivered ringless voicemails. Many of our customers track their ROI when running campaigns, which we highly recommend.

    • How often should I leave ringless voice messages?

      The best approach for you will depend on your goals. Many of our customers send out small batches daily. If you expect a lot of call backs coming directly to you, we recommend spreading out your voicemail deliveries and sending them in batches of about 100 at a time. You can schedule them to be sent throughout the day, week or month.

    • Where do other people get their lists?

      It is common for people to send ringless voicemails to their customers, prospects who have provided their number, partners, colleagues, donors, etc. We hope you’ll call people who will want to hear your voice and your message. We do not provide recommendations for list buying, because that’s not the most effective use of our technology and not what it is designed for. We do not condone spamming people with unwanted voicemails or sending to people who would not want to hear from you. We take pride in the technology that we offer and it is important to us that it is used responsibly and respectfully.

    • How do I upload my list of phone numbers?

      To upload a recipient list, log in and vist the Manage Lists section of your account. Your phone number list must be saved as a Comma Delimited (.CSV) or a Tab Delimited (.TXT) file with your phone numbers in the first column only. Contact names, which are optional, can be included in the second column.

      When uploading your list with contact names, be sure to check the box to indicate your file has contact names. Additionally, you can copy and paste your phone numbers in to the box provided on the website. On a Mac? Be sure to save your file as a Windows Formatted .TXT or .CSV file before uploading.

    • What are my purchase options?

      We offer both a Monthly Messaging plan and a Pay As You Go Messaging plan and you are never charged for any undeliverable voice messages.

      Monthly Messaging plan messages expire 30 days after the initial date of purchase and do not roll over towards the next month. Monthly plans are automatically renewed and charged to the credit card on file every 30 days until notification of cancellation.

    • Do my messages ever expire?

      All Pay As You Go plan messages never expire.

      Monthly Messaging plan credits are valid for 30 calendar days after your initial date of purchase and do not roll over towards the next month.

    • How does your referral program work?

      Each account has a unique referral code that can be located within your account dashboard. When a new account is created using your referral code, you and your referee will receive 100 free credits. There is no limit to how many free credits you can receive.

    • What is your guarantee?

      We'll do everything in our power to make sure you are happy with the service. However, if you aren't completely satisfied with the slybroadcast service after your first campaign, we'll refund you. Just contact our Customer Care team at for a resolution.

    • Can I include slybroadcast in my blog/seminar/press?

      That would be great. We find that a lot of people post complimentary recommendations, articles and descriptions of our service online, and we stumble across them often. If you write about us, please let us know so we can share your article as well, send you our thanks, and make sure you get credited in our referral program.

    • Does slybroadcast have an API I can use?

      We do. You can find information here or download a PDF or information here. We encourage you to call us with any questions.

    • Will I be able to cancel my account?

      Yes. If you wish to cancel your slybroadcast account, send an email to our Customer Care Team at .

    • Can I use the slybroadcast logo?

      Yes. The logo is available to use and can be downloaded here. Please adhere to all stylistic guidelines detailed in the Quick Reference Logo Guide.

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