What Is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is a way to bypass dialing a phone number, dropping audio messages directly into a voicemail-box. It requires the use of voicemail technology and an understanding of voicemail servers to get just right.

If you do it well, potential customers will call back with interest or confirmation, helping to avoid the low answer rate of telephone calls, low open rates of email, and burdensome opt-in requirements of text messaging.

It's a scalable and inexpensive marketing option designed to work with other marketing strategies. Real estate agents and organizations can deploy ringless voicemail drops to provide a variety of information to current and potential leads.

How Do Real Estate Agents Use Ringless Voicemail?

Real estate is an excellent field for voicemail drops. Agents can inform current customers of open houses or alert potential buyers that a home with their specifications is now available for showings. In a competitive market with sellers, buyers, flippers, and investors all working and competing for slim margins, real estate could benefit from ringless voicemail messages.

It can also help real estate agents with lead generations in fast-moving markets. Voicemails could tease out who might be interested in selling a home in a trendy area, for example, or identify new prospects for real estate investors.

What Are The Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail?

Voice messages work much better than cold calling, allowing agents to follow up on leads with less intrusion. Real estate marketing needs to be cutting edge and unique to stay lucrative, and ringless voicemail offers just that as a marketing vertical. You can also use it with your CRM to create marketing campaign integrations for your seller leads.

Ringless voicemail can touch all aspects of the real estate business with a different purpose:
• Real estate agents -- The world of real estate still works largely on calls, but traditional dialing doesn't scale. Agents can prerecord messages to send out to provide information and attract interest.
• Investors -- Flipping houses and investing in real estate requires being ahead of the information. Investors can use ringless voicemail to gauge interest and draw in potential leads.
• B2B and B2C real estate-related companies -- Businesses who serve the real estate industry can also use ringless voicemail to reduce call loads, provide less intrusive lead generations, and scale operations depending on seasons.

What Are The Benefits Of Ringless Voicemail In Real Estate, Specifically?

Real estate marketing campaigns would benefit from ringless voicemail in a variety of ways:

• Response rates are improved -- Voicemails have a much higher listen rate than the answer rate of phone calls, the open rates of emails or even direct mail campaigns. Your message will be missed by fewer people, giving you more chances to engage. Best of all, you can set the call back phone number they receive the voicemail from, so potential clients always call you back directly.
• Better compliance -- TCPA and GDPR has made it harder to reach consumers without permissions and opt-ins, sending some outreach campaigns scrambling to find alternatives. Ringless voicemails could provide the answer to these issues as long as agents and organizations continually check rules and regulations.
• Promote new properties -- Hot markets run on the dissemination of information. Whether you're an investor looking to sniff out new property opportunities before competitors or an agent seeking new clients for your showings, ringless voicemail can produce high-quality leads.

Crafting A Solid Ringless Voicemail Strategy For Real Estate

Building a strategy for ringless voicemails takes consideration and a watchful eye for data. Real estate professionals must:

• Ensure value -- Ringless voicemails can help you stand out, so ensuring that you are providing a quality voicemail is vital to the survival of your marketing campaign.
• Respect the inbox -- Spamming voicemail boxes with multiple messages won't be well-received no matter what the subject. Consider ringless voicemail your solution for the ultimate value and efficiency.
• Watch the data -- Part of executing any marketing strategy is a close eye on the data. Use it to drive future campaigns and pivot if necessary.
• Adjust for compliance -- Ringless voicemail marketing is legal, but you must keep a close watch on state and federal regulations to ensure you remain in compliance.

Real Estate's Ringless Voicemail Potential

Leaving messages without having a customer's phone ring could be a big deal for your marketing campaigns. Real estate agents need robust strategies to generate regular leads, keep potential buyers/investors informed, and maintain contact with past clients.

A ringless voicemail campaign doesn't have to be complicated. It's designed to reach out and provide value to customers while allowing real estate agents and interested organizations that serve the real estate space to scale time-consuming contact activities. Pay attention to the data and craft a realistic strategy; you could find new leads and help build your customer connections one recorded message at a time.

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