What Is Ringless Voicemail, Anyway?

It's simple: ringless voicemail is what happens when you leave a voice message with no intention of calling and starting a live conversation— at least, not right away. At Slybroadcast, the intent is to not intrude on someone’s day. Rather, you want to get in their voicemail-box without having them look at the caller ID. It’s a non-distracting and non-intrusive way to get your message heard while also saving some time during your busy day.

Ringless voicemail is legal. As we noted in our blog, What is Ringless Voicemail, “MobileSphere launched its slydial product in 2007 which utilizes their own patented technology (Patent No. US8605869). This technology was later used in the ringless voicemail product, slybroadcast.”

The slydial service allows you to connect directly to a voicemail-box, bypassing the conversation and going straight to their voicemail. This allows for the end user to listen to your voicemail on their own time.

Why Bother with Going Straight to Voicemail?

There are a few reasons. Whether you’re dialing someone on their landline or cell phone you want one thing: to minimize distractions.

Many people these days will look at their Caller ID for a quick glimpse into who might be calling them. And if you’re not in their contact list, they might not pick up right away, leaving you to wait for the voicemail service they use to take over.

Why bother? Isn’t it better to go straight to voicemail? In some cases, especially in the days of the COVID pandemic, it’s better simply to get your message out there while someone is doing something else. You won’t interrupt their Zoom call or teleconference meeting. And in return, they won’t be negatively predisposed to hearing your message when they pick up. Because, after all, they aren’t picking up.

It doesn’t matter what wireless carrier they use—Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc.—because it’s all about the psychology of showing up directly into a voicemail inbox.

How to Go Straight to Voicemail Using Slybroadcast

Pre-record your message. People are wary of their incoming calls and will often send you straight to voicemail anyway. They use their mobile phone as a screener. So why not optimize the message you do send out? Don’t improvise. Pre-record your message so you end up in their voicemail box with the highest level of impact.
Incorporate the phone number. Choose the recipient of your straight-to-voicemail message by uploading your contacts list. Even if they’re on Do Not Disturb, you can still get your message through without alienating them. This is true for a variety of service provider phones, from Verizon to phones using iOS.
Schedule the phone call. Getting to someone’s smartphone is about more than just calling them. What time of day do you call them, for example? Their mobile phone number is just a gateway into their life. If you want to get their attention, you’ll also have to drop in the voicemail at the ideal time, making sure that they are able to see it before it gets buried by other voicemails.

These advantages mean that you can use a low-distraction, minimally-invasive way to reach your clients. This gives you an advantage over simply placing a cold call. By pre-recording your message, and making sure it's just right before sending it out, you’re not just saving time but also maximizing your chances of success.

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