People and their Voicemails

people and their voicemails

According to Gemstone Data, about 95% of people listen to their voicemails, while only about 25% of people check an email they receive from a company. Other data lower the number but still say that more people listen to voicemails than check every email. So one thing is already clear: there is something more pressing to people about having a voicemail in their inbox they have yet to listen to than having an inbox stuffed full of emails.

This harkens back to the days of landlines. For some reason, a direct voice-to-voice connection is more personal to us. Hearing a ringless voicemail through a recorded message might not seem any more personal to the sender—it’s easy to pull off, after all—but it can have a more profound effect on the person listening to it. In other words, the cell phone era has made us a bit desensitized to how many emails are in our inboxes, but there will always be room for voice.

Why Ringless Voicemail Appeals to Customers

making your voicemail marketing campaign work

It’s not just the voice-to-voice connection. It’s also the fact that “ringless voicemail drops”—“dropping” a voicemail message into their inbox rather than calling a customer directly—is less intrusive.

When you use ringless voicemail, you can “drop” a prerecorded message directly into someone’s voicemail inbox or voicemail system. And because you’re not bugging anyone, you’re far less likely to be placed on a “do not call” list. After all, what customer wouldn’t appreciate that you’re willing to choose the distraction-free option?

How to Use Ringless Voicemail (and Get the Most from It)

People appreciate it when you don’t disturb their day—and more people check their voicemails than every email they receive—there’s already a built-in recipe for success by reaching out directly to someone’s voicemail box. But are there other ways of optimizing your success, so you don’t end up on the do not call list or run a more efficient voicemail campaign?

Here’s what you’ll need to know.

You can use a script. Using a script works just fine—and will help you leverage how much work you can get done. The beauty of ringless voicemail is that it makes it much easier to run a voicemail campaign en masse. A voicemail service doesn’t have to be the exclusive domain of one-on-one conversations, even if they should sound like one-on-one conversations.

Don’t follow up too often. While the occasional voicemail in the voicemail box is acceptable, you don’t want to push it. Someone using their smartphone might grow numb when they have too many notifications that there’s a new voicemail waiting for them. Remember to employ a basic marketing strategy: don’t inundate people with new messages, but instead give each message time to breathe.

Drive a higher response rate with prompts. Make sure you leave a call to action at the end of every voicemail message, precisely a number they can call. Even though they can’t hear their phone ringing when you drop your message into their voicemail box, you’ll still want to treat your outgoing message as one that sounds like a friendly person just happened to miss them on the phone.

Use other features and integrations. For example, here at Slybroadcast, we offer contacts lists so you can quickly manage entire marketing campaigns with a few clicks. There won’t be rote dialing—the digital world has moved too far for that. Instead, you can start to treat outgoing messages like SMS. They should be easy to incorporate, natural to send out to many people, and easy to manage a text messaging campaign.

Summary: Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

No matter how you end up using ringless voicemail, one thing is clear. It’s an opportunity. Every time you drop your message in someone’s voicemail inbox, there’s an opportunity to establish a voice connection that you otherwise wouldn’t establish if you were using email marketing. And while email marketing can be highly effective, ringless voicemail offers a more “bespoke” vibe, as it will sound far less like an automated marketing message in your customer’s inbox.

Ringless voicemail marketing might not sound intuitive at first. Ringless? Really? Don’t you want the phone to ding your customer when you dial them up? But it’s not always the case. Ringless voicemail is a way to reach out directly to customers in a less-intrusive manner. The customer can then have a personal perspective on your company by hearing your voice—as if a friend is reaching out. Ringless voicemail marketing is the digital age’s response to voice marketing systems. It lets you create a personal connection with your potential customers without giving them the annoyance of screening calls.

And yes, it works. It doesn’t only work—but it may just be one of the best marketing decisions you make all year.

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