How to Reach Your Target Audience Online

Reaching a target audience is about two key issues: first, you’ll want to collect your audience data. For example, one of the most powerful ways to do this is to offer a free download in exchange for signing up to your newsletter.

But you can also do this with phone numbers. No matter how you attract people in the first place—content marketing, Google Analytics and optimization, influencer marketing, creating infographics, etc.—what’s important is what you do next. It’s not enough to have a target audience. You also need to know how to communicate with a group of people who have expressed some interest in buying from you.

Email newsletters are one way. But ringless voicemail is another potential solution that allows for some creativity.

To reach your audience with ringless voicemail, you’ll need a few things:

•A way to draw the interest and attention of your target audience

•An incentive for someone signing up to your phone number list

After all, some laws regulate how you can reach out to certain people. Avoiding “spamming” customers is paramount these days. Not only will it sometimes flout the regulations, but it could damage your reputation in the future.

Once you’ve drawn their interest and incentivized people to sign up to an SMS list, you can leave ringless voicemail as a way to reach out to your target audience directly. From there, if you know the pain points and have the right audience signed up, you can create a unique marketing campaign that’s like nothing else most customers have experienced.

Why Ringless Voicemail?

These days, people don’t always pick up their phones. In fact, we text so often that we think it’s weird if someone calls us. Why can’t someone just leave a text message? Don’t only spammers call people directly?

The problem is that there are spam blockers and natural phone screening methods in place. We love our phones, but we don’t always love talking on them.

Ringless voicemail gets around this fact.

Ringless voicemail is a simple, unique system that lets you dial directly into a customer's voicemail so you can leave an unobtrusive message. This is especially appealing for new customers, with whom it’s important you make the best possible first impression.

Sure, you could reach out via social channels and through automated software that enhances your social listening. But there’s something more personal and direct about a ringless voicemail that will change the way someone perceives your brand. You can leverage high-quality sales at scale while still coming across like a small business.

How (and Why) To Leave a Ringless Voicemail

There are a few reasons to leave a professional voicemail with our ringless technology:

Your target audience won’t be quite so ticked. People like using social networks for customer services because it lets them do things on their terms. But when they sense a marketing agency is calling them up on their personal cell phone, they feel their privacy has been violated. With a ringless voicemail, you get your message across without creating that bad first impression. After all, this is your target audience we’re talking about here. There’s no reason to set them against you before you’ve even gotten your message across!

You’ll refine your sales approach. By distilling your message into something that you can communicate into a single voicemail, you’ll be doing something very important. You’ll be learning how to sell. You just won’t have to deal with anyone hanging up on you when you do it. Just as you might have learned how to create engaging content on your website over time, leaving ringless voicemails will help you learn how to better conduct outreach with your customers in a new platform.

You’ll have a personal touch. There’s something about hearing someone’s voice that makes it feel different than an email. After all, we’ve all been around the Internet once or twice; we know that automated bots and software programs can handle emails without any issue. But when someone hears a specifically-crafted voicemail message, they’re more likely to perk up. It’s not the usual marketing message. Something about it is more personal without feeling more intrusive.

It’s quick. After all, this post is all about speed. By reaching out to your audience directly, you can place all sorts of “phone calls” at scale. This means that you’re reaching your audience more quickly than ever before. It will feel more personal than an email might. But it will also ensure that you’re able to get your message out quickly.

Reaching a target audience quickly isn’t just a skill. It also requires being aware of the tools you have at your disposal. This is the 21st century. You should be able to place a phone call without having it come across as spam. And the technology is out there for you to do so: you can reach your audience quickly without ever feeling like you’re being too intrusive. The result is a happier customer, a better direct connection to your target audience, and the ability to make more sales as your brand resonates with your ideal customers.

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