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How Can Colleges and Universities Take Advantage of Ringless Voicemail Services



Colleges and universities can reach their audience directly using ringless voicemail. Ringless voicemail is fast, easy to use, and an effective marketing tool to immediately send a clear message to everyone.

So, what are the advantages of using a ringless voicemail service? How can colleges and universities take advantage of ringless voicemail services? What is the best ringless voicemail system out there in the market?

Here is a guide on ringless voicemail for universities and colleges.

What are the Advantages of Using a Ringless Voicemail Service?



What are the Advantages of Using a Ringless Voicemail Service



One of the most significant advantages of ringless voicemails is the sheer number of customers that can be reached quickly. Unlike a typical phone call or voicemail, ringless voicemail drops can be sent to multiple phone numbers simultaneously. Colleges can select as many phone numbers as desired and instantaneously leave a message in every inbox.

Another massive advantage of using ringless voicemail drops is that they are a perfect middle ground between text messages and phone calls. Phone calls are time-consuming and tedious for both caller and the receiver. And sometimes, text messages may seem cold and automated because there is no "voice" behind the message, only text.

With a ringless voicemail drop, there is still a person and a voice associated with the message, leading to more authentic connections than an sms message would.

How Can Colleges and Universities Take Advantage of Ringless Voicemail Services?

How Can Colleges and Universities Take Advantage of Ringless Voicemail Services



Asking Alumni for Donations

One of the biggest challenges for any university is gathering donations from alums. It typically involves making numerous phone calls, sending letters or emails, and being declined by many. Ringless voicemails simplify the process. With ringless voicemail technology, you can prerecord your message, select a contact list of alums to which you'd like to send the message, and then press a button to leave your message in their inbox. This process cuts out costly time on the university's end as they do not have to sit and individually dial each alumni's phone number. Furthermore, it allows the alumni member to follow up at their own time and discretion.

Enrollment Officers Contacting About Deadlines

Another great way colleges and universities can use ringless voicemail drops is by sending deadline reminders. For students, there are numerous deadlines for things like course enrollment, graduation, textbooks, etc., and it can be tricky to keep track of all of them. For the university, sending out deadline reminders can require a large allotment of staff and time. However, ringless voicemails can simplify the process for higher education. The university can use prerecorded messages specific to each deadline and instantly drop them in student inboxes at the press of a button..

On-Campus Events

Sending out notifications or reminders for events on campus is another excellent way to ringless voicemail messages. One of the best parts of any college experience is the various events regularly on campus. And even though students can access information on the events through the internet or social media on their mobile phones, getting a voicemail reminder is the perfect way to spread more awareness about the events. Whether the event is a pep rally, nonprofit event, concert, or sporting event, sending out a ringless voicemail drop reminder can significantly increase attendance and participation.

Student VMs Reaching Out to Prospective Students

Last but certainly not least is the ability to reach out to prospective students. The lifeblood of any successful university is fresh, new students. But reaching out to each potential student is exhausting, time-consuming, and tedious for both the prospective student and the university. With a ringless voicemail service, universities can instantly contact many potential students. And rather than engaging in an unnecessary conversation with someone who isn't interested, the prospective student is given the agency to decide whether or not they want to follow up for more information.

What is the Best Ringless Voicemail System?





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