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Real estate can be extremely profitable in the current housing market. However, for those looking to enter the real estate industry, it can be intimidating to dive in headfirst. For that reason, many elect to dip their toes in the real estate market by first trying wholesale real estate. For those who don’t know, real estate wholesalers serve as an intermediary between home buyers and sellers. Unlike standard real estate, wholesale real estate contracts don’t ensure that the realtor will buy the house but provide a deadline by which they will have the house sold. Wholesale real estate agents put down a much more modest deposit than other forms of realty, making it a much more accessible form of real estate investing.

If you’re a real estate investor or considering wholesale real estate, consider using ringless voicemails. Ringless voicemail drops can be a highly effective marketing strategy for real estate investors.

Here is a detailed guide on ringless voicemail for wholesale real estate.

Ringless Voicemail in a Nutshell



Ringless Voicemail in a Nutshell



Ringless voicemail are a form of communication in which you can leave a voicemail message in someone’s inbox without dialing the phone number and waiting for a potential answer. Instead, you bypass the dial and ringing process and leave a recorded message in their mailbox. By utilizing ringless voicemail, you save yourself costly time waiting for an answer and instead give the customers the option to follow up or call back.

Ringless voicemails can be particularly useful for industries with lower response rates, such as cold calling. Ringless voicemail typically provides a more authentic connection between buyer and seller than using sms or text messaging. Especially for motivated sellers, the ability to leave recorded messages can be an extremely effective marketing tool.

What are the Advantages of Utilizing Ringless Voicemail Drops in the Wholesale Real Estate Industry?

What are the Advantages of Utilizing Ringless Voicemail Drops in the Wholesale Real Estate Industry



Along with cold calling, ringless voicemail can also be a phenomenal tool for wholesale real estate investors. Here are some of the areas in which ringless voicemail systems can be a major asset for wholesaling in real estate:

● Efficiently Contacting a Large Number of Homeowners

One of the best benefits of using ringless voicemail is that you can simultaneously leave a recorded message for many phone numbers. Typically with REI, real estate investing, there is a lower response rate from customers as only some are interested in selling their home or using a real estate agent. With ringless voicemail, you can save yourself the hassle of individually dialing each number, waiting while the phone rings, and potentially getting declined. Instead, you can leave a prerecorded voice message for a bunch of numbers at once and give the homeowners the option to follow up or call back if they are interested.

● Low Cost of Time and Resources

Using a ringless voicemail system is one of the cheapest and easiest marketing strategies. Rather than spending money on billboards, commercials, or other advertisements, you can use a ringless voicemail campaign to spread information about your real estate wholesaling and locate seller leads. Ringless voicemail campaigns are relatively cheap and extremely easy to set up, unlike other marketing campaigns.

● Improved Customer Relations

While sms messaging and email marketing can help you reach many prospective clients, they don’t help build relationships. With ringless voicemails, customers don’t have to listen to their phone ring or pick up a phone call they aren’t interested in. Instead, they are allowed to follow up of their own volition. But they can still hear your voice and associate your business with a real, breathing human being instead of just reading a text message or email.

What is the Best Option for a Ringless Voicemail System?

Hands down, the best option for a ringless voicemail system comes from Slybroadcast. With Slybroadcast, users have several great options for payment. Customers can choose a “Pay As You Go” plan to start at $10 for 100 voicemail deliveries and range up to 10,000 deliveries for $400.

They can choose a “Monthly Delivery Plan” to pay beforehand. Monthly plans are cheaper, with pricing starting at just $8 per 100 deliveries. The largest available monthly plan offers 13,000 deliveries for $500 per month. If you don’t see an option that’s quite right for your business, don’t fret, you can contact the Slybroadcast sales team to discuss a custom option that will best suit your needs.

Summary: Ringless Voicemail for Wholesale Real Estate

As the housing market surges, many people are getting into wholesaling real estate. Wholesale real estate allows investors to dip their toes into the real estate market without making hefty down payments on houses.

One of the best marketing tools available for wholesale realtors is ringless voicemail systems. With ringless voicemails, realtors can quickly contact prospective customers and homeowners by leaving them a prerecorded message in their voicemailbox. This allows customers to follow up on the voicemail at their discretion. A ringless voicemail campaign can effectively and cost-effectively build a client base. The best choice for a ringless voicemail system comes from the team at slybroadcast.

Whether you are a prominent real estate investor, dipping your toe into wholesaling, or looking to promote another business entirely, using the ringless voicemail system from Slybroadcast is perfect.

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