Ringless Voicemail For Wholesale Real Estate



Although innovations have made communications easier than ever before, building connections might be more complicated than it’s ever been. It used to be that cold calls and other phone calls were the best way for businesses to get into the customer’s home. But those days seem to be long gone. The prevalence of telemarketers and other spam calls has made answering calls from an unknown number daunting.

Answering a phone call from an unknown phone number fills many consumers with dread as it typically leads to an invasive, intrusive, and tedious talk over some product or service they most likely aren’t interested in anyways. Furthermore, from a business standpoint, making phone calls to customers is costly from a time and financial perspective. It takes time to dial and converse, and it requires employing a large sales team. So that poses the question, how can businesses and sales teams find a way to connect to new clients without a phone call? The answer is ringless voicemail.

Ringless Voicemail 101



Ringless Voicemail 101



As the name implies, Ringless voicemail a ringless voicemail is a voicemail message left in the voicemailbox without the phone ringing or showing a missed call. Rather than dialing the number and waiting for the call to go to voicemail, a ringless voicemail drops the message straight into the box. Ringless voicemails are a middle ground between phone calls and sms/text messaging. Ringless voicemails are typically pre-recorded messages that can be sent to a large group of people simultaneously.

What are the Advantages of Ringless Voicemail?

What are the Advantages of Utilizing Ringless Voicemail



Middleground Between Phone Calls and Text Messaging

As mentioned, ringless voicemails are a middle point between phone calls and text messages. They provide a more intimate or genuine connection than a text message, as a human voice is associated with the audio message. However, they are less invasive and time-consuming than a phone call. Although more complex than ever, a positive relationship between buyer and seller is essential for any effective sales team.

Better Response Rates

In fields with lower customer response rates, ringless voicemails can be an excellent tool for generating more interactions. Unlike an incoming call from an unknown phone number, using a ringless voicemail doesn’t require any initial action from the customer. Instead, the customer is given the option to view the message at their convenience. Then the customer can follow up with a call back at their own discretion. This added autonomy can often lead to a more positive reception from customers.

Low Cost of Resources

One of the largest advantages of ringless voicemail is contacting many homes without expending costly time and resources. Without ringless voicemail, contacting many people requires employing a large sales team who dials each individual number, waits while the phone rings, and then still may not even get on the line with a customer. On the other hand, if you use ringless voicemail, all that needs to be done is pre-record the message, select the recipients, and hit send. So not only is ringless voicemail good for consumers, but it’s also very efficient from a business standpoint.

What are Good Habits for Ringless Voicemail Messages?

Some good basic tips to remember when utilizing ringless voicemail service are to still think of them like a standard phone call. This means keeping in mind things like business hours, weekends, do-not-call lists, etc. The goal of ringless voicemails is building a positive buyer-seller relationship, so keeping in mind the schedule of your customers is always a good idea. Furthermore, the telephone consumer protection act was put in place to restrict telemarketing calls and robocalls, so keeping similar practices in mind when using ringless voicemail is a good habit.

What are Good Occasions to Use a Ringless Voicemail Service?



Generating Customer Outreach

As mentioned earlier, one area where ringless voicemail is very beneficial is for industries with typically low response rates. This includes fields like cold calls, real estate, fundraising, etc. Typically, these practices aim to find new customers or clients and create greater outreach, but doing so over the phone is time-consuming and tedious for both parties. And sms messages don’t have the necessary authenticity to generate new opportunities frequently.

Customer Follow-Ups

On the other end of transactions, following up with existing customers is another excellent use for ringless voicemail services. Follow-ups are a great way to continue building upon current customer relationships, but not every customer needs a follow-up phone call. By using ringless voicemail, businesses can demonstrate their desire to continue building up their relationship by leaving a message in the voicemail inbox. Then the customer can decide whether or not they need more assistance on the matter. It saves time and resources for both buyer and seller.

Appointment Reminders

Another great use of ringless voicemails is to send out appointment reminders ahead of time. More often than not, a full-fledged outbound phone call isn’t needed to remind customers of their upcoming appointment. Instead, a simple note in the voicemail inbox will often do the trick.

How do You Set Up a Ringless Voicemail System?

To get started with using ringless voicemails, you only need to register with Slybroadcast. With Slybroadcast, you can send ringless voicemails from your cell phone whenever required. You can use the Slybroadcast ringless voicemail system if you have an internet connection. Pre-record messages, select who you’d like to receive the message, and then schedule a time to send them out, and you’re good to go. Easy.

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